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22 Useful Tricks in After Effects – by ukramedia


20 Useful Tricks in After Effects You May Not Know About by Sergei Prokhnevskiy. For more tutorials visit ukramedia.com.

1. Keyframe Velocity (CTRL+SHIFT+K)
2. Mini-Flowchart (TAB)
3. Align Tools
4. Replacing Images
5. System Color Picker
6. Render Presets
7. Cycle Mask Colors
8. Math
9. Gradient Overlays
10. Reverse Keyframes
11. Expressions to Keyframes
12. Splitting Layers (CTRL+SHIFT+D)
13. Guide Layers
14. Moving Masks (Space bar)
15. Creating a Motion Path from a Mask
16. Scaling Multiple Keyframes (Alt+Click and drag)
17. Copying Paths from Illustrator
18. Maximize Frame with a Shortcut (~)
19. Rendering Comps Out of Media Encoder (CTRL+ALT+M)
20. Close Panel and Frame with a Shortcut (CTRL+W, CTRL+ALT+W)

Kewl Intro

crazy-particles-after effects intro

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