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Free After Effects Template – Kinetic Typography

  • AE CS5+
  • 1280 x 720p
  • no plugins required
  • Easy to customize
  • File Size: 2.77MB (zipped)

Click HereΒ to download

Audio is not included. I mentioned in the video that help video file is included, I was not able to record one yet… But if you have been working with AE templates this should be easy, the intro segment has 3 text placeholders. It also has 5 placeholders for photos. To replace text just scroll through the timeline and use your text tool. I used these popular fonts: Century Gothic and Georgia. You can purchase the music Here.

Watch Tutorial (different template) but the process of customizing the AE project is the same.





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Download Page Here


  1. Rika says:

    Hey can you please send a link or the name of that music please.

  2. name says:

    hey i love it and i use it thx!

  3. Samuel says:

    hey great job! how do i open it in after effects??

  4. Samuel says:

    Never mind i opened it, but i have no idea how to add the next and make it all work! help πŸ™‚

  5. Samuel says:


  6. amber says:

    thanks for sharing this! looks great!!

  7. camila says:

    How to change the background…I see many colors..!!!

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi Camila, not sure what background you are pointing out, I used gradient colors for this template…or are you pointing to other templates? please specify. Thanks Camila.

  8. DjSerWap says:

    Hey! this After effects template is very, very cool! i give you 10/10 for this work!

  9. flor says:

    hola soy nueva utilizando AE y me han gustado muchos sus proyecto, muchas gracias por compartirlos.
    me gustaria saber como jugar con las luces desde un principio, si me puedes ayudar de ante mano te doy las gracias. πŸ˜€

  10. Jowa says:


  11. abidemi says:

    lovely work but i need link to the audio file used in this one…. can you please help

  12. butchic says:

    This. Is. Absolutely. Awesome.

  13. Inga says:

    Wonderful template! Thank You very much!

  14. Mustafa says:

    when I open the template file it tells me that it was created with version 10.xxxx and this messages appears with every template I try to open
    so what should I do
    I have CS 4 should I just update it or there is something wrong with my after effect

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi Mustafa, I originally made this template in After Effects CS5. As far as I know we can’t convert this to CS4. We can only export / or save as CS5.5 or higher. So I am afraid we need to upgrade our AE to CS5. For future kinetic typography templates, I will design it in AE CS4 for those who can’t update their AE version just yet. I will let you know. Cheers.

  15. John Adams says:

    thanks i was able to get so many thing out of it, its cool thanks. i have a question for you, HOW DO YOU CREATE dis template or wat software do u use to create them pls reply.thank you .

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hello, I made this using Adobe After Effects. With lots of layers, keyframes, camera movements… I think I will cover this question later with a tutorial vid. lol

  16. Gershwim says:

    How do you change the text in this template. Is there a tutorial I can follow to do that? Never worked with AE before, this is my first venture into any of this stuff. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi Gershwin, I will let you know, I am planning to record a video tutorial soon. πŸ™‚ and you’re welcome, Thanks for the compliment.

  17. zu bodora says:

    tried 3 times, email never showed up, inbox nor spam.

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi Zu bodora, oh if you are expecting more free ae templates, you will receive the latest updates. I am planning to send you guys one or two this month. Thanks for subscribing! πŸ™‚

  18. cvrlee says:

    Awesome work!
    Hey! I really like this one!
    I’m planning to use this, if you don’t mind. πŸ™‚

  19. liz says:

    Hi! I love this AE template. thank you for uploading this, can I use this in my work? thank you and god bless! hoping for your another work πŸ™‚

  20. Vanessa says:

    Hi there, I love your template! Thanks so much for putting this together. I have a question for you. I’ve figure out how to change the text and everything but I’m having trouble copying the first composition (the first scene of the video). Basically, I would like to have it run twice, one right after the other but with different text, but when I duplicate the composition and change the second text the first one changes as well. Do you have any suggestions how I can do that? By the way, I’m duplicating it in the projects panel, not the timeline, and it’s still not working. Thanks so much!

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Ah yeah, thanks for the nice comment. Youre welcome Vanessa, I see. I Plan to record a video regarding this. I’ll Let you know.

      • Vanessa says:

        By the way, are you open to doing customizing on this template? If so please let me know how much you would charge. I’ve added most of my text and I like how it’s coming out but I’m having some minor issues along the way and I’m not sure I’ll be able to fix them. Let me know. Thanks!

      • Vanessa says:

        If you can please send me an email in response to this because for some reason I don’t get an email letting me know you responded to my comment. Thanks so much!

  21. Angela says:

    Hi Guys!
    Love the template. Thanks so much for making it available!
    Just wondering, how do i change the blue background to another colour?
    I’ve been searching the internet but to no avail.

    Help would be much appreciated!!

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Thanks, you can change the background color by selecting the bg layer, once selected press f3 on your keyboard, from there a window will pop out, you can make those tweaks in there including the color, I think I used the ramp effect for that background. I will record a tutorial video for this, I’ll let you know.
      Talk soon,

  22. Judith Meza says:

    Gracias esta muy bien tu intro, eres bondadoso al compartir tu trabajo con los diseΓ±adores de video… que seas colmado de bendiciones

  23. Judith Meza says:


  24. Bianca says:

    Hi, first of all I’d like to say AMAZING template! Thank you so much for making it available to the public. I’m having trouble editing the photo placeholders where you can drop your photos. I’m not quite sure how to put my own pictures instead of the white box picture. Thanks again πŸ™‚

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi Bianca, I’m glad you find this template helpful. And thanks for the compliment. On your left panel / properties window (top left), you will find the folder named photo placeholders, double click on one of the precomps (i.e. photo placeholder 1), then a preview window will open…then import (file > Import) your image file, drag it to that preview window, select that layer, press “s” on your keyboard, then play around with the values to change the size. That’s it.
      Same procedure for other placeholders. You might want to check out this tutorial: http://www.coolvideointro.com/how-to-customize-ae-templates-coming-soon/

  25. Tom says:

    This is BRILLIANT, big thanks !

  26. Erika says:

    Thanks!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!! Awesome work. You are very generous

  27. sarah says:

    hi – awesome template.. just that I cannot open the download. I extract to desktop and then?

  28. IGLOBAL3D says:

    This is a nice work, ItΒ΄s possible to use these templete to make a composition for my clients? ItΒ΄s totaly new, but i would like to use this first base. ItΒ΄s cool !!! I can read your link in video!!

    Please give me a request!

  29. black power amv says:

    nice a wanna the tutorials dud

  30. Thom says:

    This is a really nice template, but I’m having a problem opening it in Premiere Pro CS5. I keep getting a message saying “Video Filter missing: AE.ADBE Easy Levels2” Is there anyway I can fix this as I’m just get a blank screen

  31. Jacob says:

    First of all I must say that this is an absouloutly stunning effect that you’ve created!
    I’m at the moment doing a project in school, where we are designing a multimedia concept of a project that is under construction in my town. I really want to use this video in the presentation and maybe also at the website, but I’m not sure what your Terms and conditions policy is. Can I use it for the upcoming website? πŸ™‚

  32. firman says:

    BIG thank you πŸ™‚

  33. firman says:

    sorry.. I’ve been download your awsome kinetic, but I have a trouble whit the pasword.
    I can’t download the password.
    do you have a solution for me ? ^_^

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi Firman, not sure if I understand, can you please explain more, coz we never use passwords with our templates.

  34. IGLOBAL3D says:

    This is a nice work, ItΒ΄s possible to use these templete to make a composition for my clients? ItΒ΄s totaly new, but i would like to use this first base. ItΒ΄s cool !!! I will write your link in video!!

    Please give me a answer!

  35. Sofia says:

    Hey , i have AE Cs 4 , will it work in that ??? or only it works in AE cs5?

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi Sofia, yeah it will only work for AE cs5, I might be giving away a free cs4 kinetic typography template soon.

  36. Patrick says:

    Thanks for this! Been looking for something like this for a while for the intro for my video reviews.

  37. Noelle says:

    Hey thanks for the great template! I used it for a school project and it was amazing.


  38. Michael Spetcu says:

    Thank You for this template !

  39. Daniel says:

    Hey uhhh can I use this in after effects cs 6?

  40. Yellow :p,

    thanks for the template. But i wanted to learn AE on my own. could u make some tutorails on how u made the template.
    Like text animation, en how it works with the soloid’s, how je customize the bg. And could u give a list of the used text animations?

    Anaway THANK U. loved it πŸ˜‰

  41. Me says:

    Hi! This is so cool! thx!

  42. pavlocha says:

    melhor site de templates !!! parabΓ©ns !!!

  43. nuwanz says:

    This template helped me lot. Thanks..!

  44. Veronica says:

    Love this template. I’m brand new to AE (and all Adobe) and can’t seem to edit anything πŸ™ I did what’s shown here http://www.coolvideointro.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/tutorial-quick-scketch.jpg But when I double click in the project window (#2) it doesn’t let me take out the placeholder text. I can add text, but I still see the original text? I’m using cs6.

  45. Veronica says:

    Oh think I figured it out πŸ˜‰ For newbies like me, you ALSO have to click the actual text in the bottom left window for it to show up and be editable.

  46. jamajam says:


  47. Crazzz-e 8 says:


  48. Hasan says:

    is it works at AE CS4?

  49. Abbas says:

    Hi – firstly, fantastic work! I have managed to edit it just fine but was having difficulty changing the timings – ie, slowing it down in some places and speeding it up in others. However, whenever I change the timings, the camera settings get messed up. What’s the best way to alter the timings and to slow it down without changing the camera settings? Thanks for your help

  50. Shashwat Srivastava says:

    hey…. m not able to extract this file “kinetic – prerendered particles” What to do?

  51. Damn says:

    Hey! Please Send the link where i can download this programme:))

  52. JULIE says:

    Hi how can i download this and use on windows in the uk please ?

  53. Rings says:

    Thank you so much, may I use this as a ad for my university club recruitment?

  54. see says:

    thank youuuu

  55. Bob says:

    Thank you for this template, can we use it in our Church presentation? God bless you!

  56. Jeffrey Ross says:

    Thank you for for this template, I can’t find any basic tutorials to help me understand and learn AE. I will be self teaching myself by playing around with your template.

  57. Valencia says:

    Thank you for for this template : D

  58. jagadeesh says:

    Thank you for this template,it’s very very use full me thank you….

  59. Pradyumna says:


    First of all , this is awesome, looking for more, Bookmarked!

    Also, which render settings are best for yt videos ?

    Thank You

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      hi, thanks for the comment, you can use h.264 format (at 7-8 Mbps bitrate πŸ™‚
      audio output would be 44.100 khz. hope this helps

  60. Karan says:

    Hey can u tell if this is cs4 compatitible

  61. dr saeed says:

    awsose work

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  63. dimitris says:


    I like your template. Is there any limitation on using it provided that we give out the proper reference to your site?

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Thanks, no limitations, just don’t sell the template. Cheers! and thank you for placing a link in there for my site πŸ™‚

  64. mos says:

    HI! love it, thanks a lot for sharing! how did u do the pre-rendered particles? love em πŸ™‚

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi thanks for the compliment, you’re welcome. I used trapcode particular, a particle system plugin for After Effects πŸ™‚

  65. berd says:

    this template it’s works for Portable Adobe Photoshop CS5 ?

  66. berd says:

    this template it’s works for Portable AE CS5 ?

  67. chat says:

    Hi, do you have something for cs4??? :c I need it real bad. :c

  68. Karole Risker says:

    You are giving these away? It’s too good to be true. Thank you a million!

  69. rachel says:

    do you have a tutorial on this template?

  70. Avacyn says:

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  72. Kondzik says:

    Hello. Can I use this one for my music video ? πŸ™‚
    I’m amator and I would like to use this for video for YT.


  73. HZMD says:

    Thank you very much

  74. Edinho says:

    Hi there.
    I have already signed up and did not get the Free After Effects Template – Kinetic Typography in my box mail
    What am I doing wrong?
    Is there a directed link to download the template?
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Waiting for your replay.

  75. Edinho says:

    Hi there.
    I have already signed up and did not get the Free After Effects Template – Kinetic Typography in my box mail
    What am I doing wrong?
    Is there a directed link to download the template?
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.
    Waiting for your replay.

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi Edinho, the signi up is for receiving the latest free AE template we will be creating, so whenever a new project file is available you will be receiving the link right inside your email inbox.

      For the Kinetic Typography template – the download link is available in the description area.

  76. Ballyweg says:

    Nice template. I used it for one of my videos and have linked to your site. Thanks!

  77. Xn says:

    Dear cooolvideo,

    could you pls re-up this template?? I cant download it and i suppose the link is die πŸ˜•

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  79. Jessica says:

    Hello, I’m making a short promotional video for a non-profit organisation. There is no money involved, no copyright, no association with other big companies. Would it be okay for me to use parts of your template for the video, as in using it as I would creative commons or royalty free products? Thanks so much!

  80. Brian says:

    Great Job Guys!
    Are you open to doing a new FLIP-CLOCK effect template…. where your text looks like it is on a OLD STYLE FLIP-CLOCK type Flipper… showing a small spiral or multiple small rings along the horizontal center of the screen… and then each slide FLIPS… editable text and or graphics per slide (FLIPPED SCREEN) and… you have an OLD-STYLE Flipping BILLBOARD effect… I so want this!!!! if so email me! It would so sell!!

  81. Sandyuth says:

    Man thanks a lot , I owe you a lot because of your templates and moreover I’m learning which is very cool and something sensible !! Thanks again πŸ˜€

  82. Liam says:

    I’m new to this so this is probably a really stupid question, but can you please help me understand why I can’t find any keyframes? I can clearly see that the text is animating but I can’t see any keyframe indicators to change or duplicate what’s happening on screen.

  83. hamada says:

    cool .. i would like to use it but i cant download it i don’t know how .. so .. :/

  84. […] Kinetic Typography with Photos […]

  85. lemon says:

    thank you for the free template

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    u r a GREAT MAN

  88. YAHIA says:

    Thanx bro

  89. Thank you so much. This is awesome!
    After Effects is definitely not my bag. I don’t think I would have been able to produce anything close to this quality and certainly not within the 30 minutes from start to finish that it took me to download, edit and render it. You’re a legend!

  90. Carlos says:

    Hi man, thank you very much for sharing this amazing work. I`m new and I found really easy to edit texts and timings.
    IΒ΄m working on a short video for my young company. Would it be ok if i use some parts of your template on it? I cant give you credit this time bc is a really short video but i will consider buying one of your templates in next videos.
    Thank you again <3

  91. SangX says:

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