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Particular Sphere – Free Intro

Hey guys just wanted to give you another free intro.

– AE CS5+
– 1080p @ 25fps
– Pre-rendered Particles (no plugins needed)
– Help video here (same procedure for customization)
– Sound FX not included for copyright purposes.

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Download Template Here (Particular-Sphere-Free-CVI.zip) 5.4mb

You have the freedom to use this template anyway you like.
You just can’t resell them in anyway.

Kewl Intro

crazy-particles-after effects intro


  1. InTutor says:

    Nice job, will enjoy playing around with this. THANKS!


    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      thanks man 🙂

      • Moritz says:

        Hi, I just wanted to make a intro for a lets play YouTube channel, and I love this intro, but the problem is I don’t know how to change the text … :X


        • de@coolvideointro.com says:

          H,i you can refer how to input text from my previous tutorials, I only have few ones on my tutorial page.. I discussed how to but with a different template, but the procedure is the same. 🙂

          • ThisGirlGotGame says:

            What’s your youtube channel?

          • Kevin Jojo says:

            I want this intro but I can to edit the text.
            So I was wondering if you can do it for me please.
            My channel name is: Make Game Life
            Please make me the intro

      • Azami says:

        Hello De Hann Ballesteros,

        I saw you free Template “Particular Sphere – Free Intro”. Unfortunately I don’t have Adobe After Effects. Could you please change the text into “prototypeGames”. I need only the Video.

        I will also link you website.

        You could help me alot with this.

  2. Aminut says:

    Awesome, very professional, as always.

  3. wudux says:

    Nice job! very good sphere thanks !

  4. THANK YOU so much for sharing this! It looks really great!

  5. Freddy barreno says:

    Excelente !!! Gracias

  6. Tom says:

    Great intro! Rock on!


    gracias por compartir tus experiencias esta ok.

  8. Bob says:

    Thanks sir! God bless!

  9. Leo says:

    one of your best yet imo

  10. lkw says:

    Thank you~ ^^

  11. […] This is so cool. It’s got a sphere made of particles that would work great with any logo. This After Effects Project requires no plugins all particles are prerendered. Amazing work. It’s free! Download here. […]

  12. john says:

    how do i edit the text

  13. Mr Grimv1 says:

    Nicely done. Thank you.

  14. ty smith says:

    im sorry and it may be a dumb question but how do you use this?

  15. Kregg says:

    Any ideas where to get some free sound fx for this?

  16. Leonel says:

    how do you put your own text or logo

  17. Atrus says:

    Hey man.. I don’t know what yo say… YOU’RE SO COOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Andrew says:

    Nice intros<good
    Cant download them if you know why reply or E-mail me.

  19. teociontu says:


    where I can buy the sound that you are using for this ?

    thx and best regards,

  20. Miguel Ortiz says:

    Thank you since Ecuador.

  21. tecknonut says:

    Dude, this is a brilliant site. Great job man, I can’t say how much I appreciate all the work you’ve done.

  22. kishorethangavel says:

    how to turn this aep file into a stock to insert my wordings????

  23. snoopy says:


  24. kiran says:

    I really like this intro, and i would love to use it but i have no idea how to change the name nor do i have the editing software to do it, help?

  25. Jajat Rohmana says:

    Mengagumkan! (amazing in Bahasa Indonesia)

  26. Paloma says:

    Waaaaaa!!!! I like!! 😛 nice… excelent!! :.

  27. Anderson says:

    How do we put our logo into it?

  28. Akash says:

    wow wonderful bro, really thrilled. Am so excited to know about this can you please tell me how to use this for my college presentation thank u 🙂

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Thanks for the comment. Sure thing, I posted a tutorial for this template… I hope you can check that out when you have the chance 🙂

  29. Thierry (from madagascar) says:

    Merci bcp ! 🙂

  30. STICKER says:

    Great templates, i really like them and makes my jobs nice and clean

  31. abda says:

    this is awesome! great job and thank you very much

  32. siddhesh says:

    Thank you very much.These effects are awesome.you are awesome 😀

  33. faiz says:

    woooohhh awesome!!! thx you

  34. chuck says:

    Love your intro..

    Im going to use this one on my youtube channel


  35. Aley says:

    Hi 🙂 Thank you for this, but what if I can’t open the file? I’ve looked online for a program I could download.. didn’t find anything. Help please?

    • de@coolvideointro.com says:

      Hi, you’re welcome. We can only open the file using After Effects CS5 or above.. I think Adobe has a free trial of this (we’re not affiliated with Adobe fyi) 🙂

  36. Imran says:

    what is the name of the music

  37. Garry says:

    this is the best intro i ever had seen, awesome work hats off 2 ur team 😉

  38. christian benecke says:

    hey dude i love this intro do you think you could please please please please please please please please please do me a massive favour by changing the text because i dont have after affects? if you can could you please change it to Blitz’em and if you could email it to christianbenecke222@gmail.com it would be really appreciated thanks heaps!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Juan Abad says:

    Just great, thnx for share your work

  40. Jan says:

    Great animation!! 🙂
    Is there any chance to get the particle animation as AE-File?
    I’d love to change some Keyframes and play around a little.
    Thanks for your answer!!

  41. Thomas says:

    How do you make this

  42. Thomas says:

    How do you make this???
    Please help

  43. Rakesh says:

    Hi man! Thanks a ton, I appreciate your work! I might use this intro in my channel, but if I do, I’m sure I’ll give you Credits for it!

    Additionally, the rendered image was around 1.8 GB how can I reduce it’s size without compromising the quality?

  44. Franco says:

    Thanks so much! Very professional and so fine!
    We’ll realize some out for our video. We are handball team… http://www.usca.it

  45. 38OR says:

    How do i change the coolvideointros.com into my name

  46. BBFACE says:

    Hey I love this into thanks so much!

    Is there a way to slow down the transitions somehow? Can you point me in the right direction of how I would do that?

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